This network is open for all Arab and African countries and their specialized entities. Besides, membership can involve all relevant stakeholders at the international level.

Members have the freedom to join it and to participate to the achievement of all its activities without any legal commitment within the scope of its fundamental principales, to be detailed below.


  • Worldwide, e-transactions are becoming the driving force for the social and economic development
  • We are moving from the information economy to holistic digital economy

The transparency and the cooperation are the main characteristics of the work within the AAECA-Net. It’s an open space for all members and it will be organized as follows:

1. Chairperson

The AAECA-Net shall have a Chairperson from its members for a period of at least one year (renewable)

2. Steering Committee

Steering Committee will be composed of representatives of all members

3. Working Groups

A dedicated Working Groups will be set up. these WGs will be composed of all desired members aiming at participating as volunteers.

The main role of these working groups is the promotion of e-trust services amongst Arab and African regions countries through the organization of many related/dedicated activities with the involvment of renowned stakeholders at the international level.