The main objectives of the AAECA-Network are to :


  1. Provide an appropriate platform to discuss and resolve issues related to e-trust within the Arab and African regions
  2. Provide the necessary support for the implementation of National e-certification authorities in the Arab and African countries
  3. Coordinate efforts to develop common regulatory frameworks and policies in the field of electronic certification, e-signature and e-trust services
  4. Promote collaboration between Arab and African e-certification authorities to ensure the interoperability and the mutual recognition
  5. Establish adequate cooperation with international organizations and consortia operating in the field of Public Key Infrastructure “PKI” and e-trust services (Technical, legal and regulatory)
  6. Encourage investors to be involved within this promising field
  7. Harmonize positions in the field of standardization and propose norms/standards in PKI field
  8. Create a solid interregional framework for “digital Trust” while encouraging e-services and cross-border e-transactions.