This network is open for all Arab and African countries and their specialized entities. Besides, membership can involve all relevant stakeholders at the international level.

Members have the freedom to join it and to participate to the achievement of all its activities without any legal commitment within the scope of its fundamental principales, to be detailed below.

Fundamental Principles

The members of the network shall be aware about the fundamental principles being set to meet the objectives mentioned in the Article 3.

  1. The priority that AICTO and ATU are seeking to achieve through this network is the good coordination with all stakeholders to find solutions to the common issues regarding the creation/setting up of standards for the mutual recognition and interoperability in the field of PKI, e-certification solutions and e-trust services within the two regions (Arab region and African region)
  2. This network will respect the principles of difference and disparities between member states and between the Arab and African regions both on technical and legal levels in the field of e-certification, PKI and e-trust services. It won’t spare any effort, with the support of all its members, to provide common solutions and ways towards the interoperability and the mutual recognition between their countries
  3. This network is a non-profit structure; it is based on the principle of self-reliance and self-funding. All its activities will be achieved by its members and potential sponsors from the private companies working in the field
  4. All members are expected to participate actively to the AAECA-Net activities to achieve the creation objectives, each one from its position and its owned potentials.