Towards building and interregional e-Trust Network

Laws Harmonization & E-trust services Interoperability

Common Interregional Multistakeholder Network

Gathering the Arab and African P KI/e-certification …

The interregional laws convergence

Unifying and Harmonizing the interregional laws related to e-transactions and e-trust services

Interoperability and Mutual Recognition

Working on the interoperability and the mutual recognition …

Interregional & International cooperation

Establishing Interregional (Multilateral) conventions …


The name of this organization is “Arab-African e-Certification Authorities Network” AAECA-Net. It is an Interregional Multistakeholder Network for e-trust in the Arab & African Regions having the specificity to be open internationally to all interested stakeholders.



Sharing global experiences, activities, initiatives, best practices […]

Coordinating efforts and actions between all AAECA-Net members


Coordinating efforts and actions between all AAECA-Net members […]


Building an upward convergence Framework to bring closer all stakeholders […]


Towards building an interregional Multistakeholders e-Trust Network based on Laws Harmonization, E-trust services Interoperability and a stong cooperation framework


The main objectives of the AAECA-Network are to:

Provide an appropriate platform to discuss and resolve issues related to e-trust within the Arab and African regions.

Provide the necessary support for the implementation of National ecertification authorities in the Arab and African countries.

Coordinate efforts to develop common regulatory frameworks and policies in the field of electronic certification, e-signature and e-trust services.

Promote collaboration between Arab and African e-certification authorities to ensure the interoperability and the mutual recognition.

Establish adequate cooperation with international organizations and consortia operating in the field of Public Key Infrastructure “PKI” and e-trust services (Technical, legal and regulatory).

Encourage investors to be involved within this promising field.


Principal members

Arab and African countries represented by their authorities for e-certification or other respective agencies.

Private sector

Private sector working in the field of e-certification and e-trust services.

International specialized entities/Bodies

International forums, alliances and consortia.


Academics in the digital certification field.